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"Karate Bulgaria" goal is the promulgation of true Japanese karate-do as espoused by the founder of modern karate Gichin Funakoshi. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to upholding the principles of Master Funakoshi's Dojo Kun: seek perfection of character, be faithful, endeavor, respect others, refrain from violent behavior. It is our hope that this web site can provide an ongoing source of information for those wishing to practice karate-do.

"Karate Bulgaria" is intended to bring instruction and information about Shotokan Karate to anyone and everyone who wants it. This site will present the history, philosophy and traditions of Shotokan Karate. It uses videos, e-books and pictures to help demonstrate meaning of karate practise, techniques and kata. Unlike most other martial arts sites, this site is not affiliated with any particular school. The only person who make this site is Alexander Panov and he is a founder of "Karate Bulgaria" during 2002 year. Now he have very good relationship with several Bulgarian Karate Organisations: Bulgarian Karate Federation, Bulgarian Shotokan Karate Do Federation, Bulgarian Federation of Traditional Karate, Bulgarian Kyokushin Karate Organization, Shito Ryu Karate Federation Bulgaria and with more than 100 black belt karatekas.

Alexander Panov

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